The Right to Privacy as a human right
( over 170 constitutions )

Download the Cipherboard App

Installing and Using CipherBoard

1. Add New Keyboard

Add New Keyboard by going to Settings > General > Keyboards

2. Allow Full Access

Go to Settings and Allow Full Access

3. Select CipherBoard

Tap and hold the Globe Key to switch Keyboards

1. Switch to Encrypt Mode

First switch to the Encrypt Mode by selecting the Unlock Key

2. Select a Friend

Select a Friend to send an encrypted message to. Make sure you have connected with Facebook or your Mobile number.

3. Type message and Encrypt

Type your message into CipherBoard and select Encrypt

4. Send Encrypted Message

Your encrypted message will show up in the chat app's text field. Hit Send and you're done!

1. Select Message to Decrypt

Simply select the message you want to decrypt and hit Copy

2. Read Decrypted Message

Your Decrypted message will be displayed on CipherBoard.